Ammiana SRL is made up of an interdisciplinary group of professionals who has been dealing with Architectural and Urban Planning, event planning and temporary installations, Restoration of the building heritage, Landscape Archeology, Preliminary verifications of archaeological interest, since 2002 Analysis of territorial transformations, of Structural and Plant Engineering, of Company and construction site safety.
The group of professionals is able to offer the design product quickly, starting from its conception up to the realization because the distinct professionalism covers all stages of the production process. What characterizes this group of professionals is the constant and tested integration between distinct and complementary disciplines and experiences.
In 2010, the studio also founded the "Ammiana srl Engeneering" company with the main purpose of dealing with the transformation of the disused productive area (former) Lucchese shipyard, on the southern edge of the Giudecca island in Venice. Here he moved his main office since 2015, allowing the ongoing renovation of the original office, also located in Venice, at Piazzale Roma, terminal which will be maintained both for representation purposes and for daily professional activities.
Together with others four companies based in the area indicated above, Ammiana srl set up the consortium called "Venezia Sviluppo", as a consortium of companies for the rebirth of the production area. To this day the company is the technical design reference studio of the area system.


The study is made up of the following professional figures with the following qualifications:

  • Andrea Ferialdi, architect, PhD in Urban Design, Architectural and Urban Design sector, planning of events and temporary installations, Restoration of the building heritage and Works Management.
  • Francesca Zannovello, architect, Phd in architectural composition, external collaborator of the archaeological superintendency since 1998; she deals with the Architectural and Urban Design, Landscape Archeology, Preliminary checks of the archaeological interest, Analysis of territorial transformations and Construction Management.
  • Leone Zannovello, engineer, deals with Design and Development, Site Management, Construction Site Safety Coordination, Fire Prevention Certificates, Head of Company Protection Prevention Services, Company Quality, Business Technical Consultancy. He currently holds the role of President of the Venice Development Consortium.
  • Collaborators: Dr. Alberto Calderari; arch. Christian Dalla Corte; arch. Nicola Lotto, arch. Veronica Carniello, arch Sharon Bressanello.
    Since 2014, prof. Ing. Francesco Steffinlongo joined the team: given his long professional and academic experience, he supports the group of professionals both in terms of design and structural analysis for complex works and construction sites.

  • Contest: Venice Development Consortium (Consorzio venezia Sviluppo)

    Ammiana S.r.l is part of Consorzio Venezia Sviluppo:

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